Shear punching machine

cizalla punzonadora chapa


The universal punching shears are specialized machines for cutting angles, round and square bars, handrails and perforations.

Our universal shears are equipped with two independent cylinders and a notching table protected with silicone.

Profitability, reliability, productivity and robustness

Distributors in UK and Europe

Technical characteristics

Maximum thickness: 15-30 mm
Maximum thickness: 8-20 mm
Blade length: 300-650 mm
Strokes: 10-28 strokes/min
Round bar: 35-80 mm
Square bar: 30-60 mm
90º frame: 100-200 mm
T-shape: 60-200 mm
Pressure: 50-250 Tn
Engine: 4-22 Kw

punzonadora cizalla universal

Work Stations

punzonado chapa taller

Punching station

The punching station allows the punching of all types of metals:

  • Punching of angles and centres
  • Wide variety of tools and punches
  • Die-cutting holes and specially shaped parts
  • Fixing rules
  • Angular work table and UPN shapes

In addition, the table can be removed and any other die and punch fixed. In this way, folding can also be carried out.

Notching station

The notching station allows you to do all kinds of actions.

  • Notching edges of sheet metal.
  • Sample screws and remove notches easily.
  • Angled cuts.
  • Metal holes and milling.
  • Allows high-precision work thanks to the table with millimetric rulers and fixing guides. It also includes a led lamp that is magnetically fixed.

The work table is equipped with both eye and hand protection and complies with EC safety regulations.

cinzalla universal escantonado chapa

cillaza universal cortadora

Shearing station

The station of shearing and cutting of tubes allows to realize:

  • Cutting round bars and stables of various sizes.
  • Angular cuts. From 45º to 90º ideal for frames.
  • Firm fixing bar for any diameter and thickness.
  • I, U and T shape cuts.
  • Pisador for the shearing that does not damage the plate.
  • Squaring arm with fixation for angular cuts.

Cutting of profiles and tubes

tabla perfiles tubos

Punches, tools and cutting tools included

1 Set of punches

1 Bending punch set

1 Set of multi-mouth matrices

Lighting equipment

Standard tooling to adapt accessories

* Accessories may vary depending on the model of each punching machine.

punzones y matrices

cizalla universal

Electronic rear stop

The electronic stop allows a great precision in the cut. Allows the desired length to be set. Thus, when placing the bar in some of the holes of the multiform mouth, the universal shear will not make the cut until the stop is reached.

This stop is a great advantage because it allows to cut bars in a systematic way and with total precision.

Included accessories

Mobile light with magnetic coupling

cajon utiles punzonado

2 x Tool drawers

pedal freno

2 x Control pedals

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