Plate bending machines


We are specialized in the sale of sheet metal bending machines. Our rolling machines are suitable for all types of sheet metal and metal.
We have a great variety of extras so that our machines adapt to your needs.

Quality at affordable prices.
Since 1988 we sell industrial machinery to work metal and sheet metal.

Our bending machines for sheet metal

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Built with ST-52 steel
  • Hardened steel rollers certified to SAE 1050
  • Symmetrical distribution of the rollers to allow pre-bending on both sides.
  • Orbital movement of the two side rollers to leave the end flatter and shorter.
  • Hydraulic balancing and bending pressure system
  • Adjustment of movement, inclination and parallelism of the rollers controlled from the control panel.
  • Visualización digital de las cotas de cada uno de los rodillos laterales.
  • Automatic hydraulic top roller opening and closing
  • Maximum bending thickness up to 40mm
  • Two drive rollers with gear transmission.
  • Device for cones. Inclination of the lateral rollers.
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  • Mechanical Cylinders
  • Built with ST-52 steel
  • Hardened steel rollers certified to SAE 1050
  • Asymmetrical distribution of the rollers allows pre-bending on one side.
  • Linear lateral roller movement.
  • Mechanical pressure and balance system, motorized side roller.
  • Adjustment of the movement from the control panel. The rollers always work in parallel.
  • Digital display of the dimensions of the side roller.
  • Manual opening and closing of the upper roller.
  • Maximum bending thickness up to 8 mm
  • Two drive rollers, rubber pulley transmission and iron chain.
  • Device for cones.
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Are you looking for second hand or used bend rollers or bent rollers?

We buy and restore all types of benders.

Get in touch with us and we will inform you about what we have available at this moment. Write to us:

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CE Quality Certificate

Our machines are manufactured with European electrical components with absolute guarantee of quality and complying with European safety regulations. The EU requires specific regulations for industrial shearing. Our machines have passed quality control marked by the European Union certified by Bureau Veritas. In addition, a rigorous technical review before leaving our facilities.


Each shear or guillotine has a 1 to 3 year warranty. The warranty covers any part failure or manufacturing defect. What our warranty does not cover are damages for use or misuse.

Free technical service

The technical service is free in the warranty period of the lifter and telephone. In addition, our technical team will be the one who will start the machine. As well as a small course for those operators who are not familiar, they learn the basic controls with the machine and the numerical control.

Do you want to buy a sheet metal bending machine?

Do not you know which one is best for you?

Buying one of these machines is an investment. Therefore, you may have many questions and doubts.

Call us and we will help you choose the cylinder or bender that best suits your needs.
As well as selecting the most suitable accessories for your purpose.

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