Hydraulic guillotine for sheet metal

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Guillotines for sheet metal and metal

Our vertical sheet guillotines, model LLC, are based on an excellent quality / price ratio, providing a cut and flexibility finish much better than pendular models especially in large thicknesses.

Accessories included in the guillotine

CNC Touch Elgo P40

The CNC prepares the shear according to the thickness of the sheet to be cut.

Enter the thickness of the sheet and the material you want to cut and the machine will move the axes automatically to cut it, since the CNC calculates it. This prevents maintenance and lengthens the life of the blades.

You can save up to 1000 programs for later use.


The angle of the blades can be changed according to the thickness of the sheet to be cut. This avoids excessive deformation when cutting thin sheets, lengthens the life of the blades and allows a better use of the remnants since no time should be lost straightening them.


The separation of blades is one of the most important actions during the adjustment of the cutting of the machine. To guarantee the durability of the blades and that is done correctly our shear has an automatic system, composed of a motor reducer, designed for it.

The automatic blade separator controlled by the CNC (Numerical Control) saves time, possible errors and guarantees a perfect cut at all times.

The operator only indicates the thickness of the sheet and the distance that he wants to cut and the CNC moves the shear shafts so that the cut is correct.

Technical characteristics

  • C.N.C digital TACTIL ELGO P-40.
  • Automatic blade separation by CNC.
  • Automatic adjustable cutting angle by CNC.
  • Vertical cutting system.
  • Hydraulic block of the German firm Bosch-Rexroth.
  • Upper and lower blades with four edges.
  • Rear stop with ball screw and chromed bar up to 950mm.
  • Adjustable and collapsible mechanized rear stop bar.
  • Front supports of sheet of 1.5m and squaring arm.
  • Folding front protection grilles with detectors and rear photocells.
  • Front table with balls.
  • Swan neck.
  • Rear ramp for cut sheet metal.
  • Own Design
  • Regulation CE 13985 certified by Bureau Veritas.

We distribute to Europe and South America


All our guillotines for hydraulic sheet metal incorporate rubber grippers so as not to damage or mark the sheets that are cut.

The rubber grippers are designed to perfectly hold the standard material and also do not damage when shearing the less resistant materials such as aluminum. This prevents scratches or deformations of the material, especially if we cut aluminum, which remains on the table after cutting.

The pressure they exert can be regulated to avoid marking the most delicate sheets.


The hydraulic components that are installed in our guillotine are of first quality, manufactured by the first brands of the sector as German BOSCH. They comply with EC regulations, they are long-life components and can be found in any hydraulic material store.

Los componentes hidráulicos que se instalan en nuestra guillotina son de primera calidad, fabricados por las primeras marcas del sector como alemana BOSCH. Cumplen las normativas de la CE, son componentes de larga vida y se pueden encontrar en cualquier tienda de material hidráulico.

Cizalla hidráulica: Cuello de cisne o escote


All our sheet metal guillotine models are designed with an opening on the side of the machine to allow the cutting of sheets longer than the guillotine.

This means that the sheet we need to cut can be cut but we have to do it twice.


The rear photo-cells allow operators to safely remove the sheets that fall to the back of the hydraulic guillotine after cutting.

This system of two photocells, installed according to the mandatory standard for shears UNE-EN 13985: 2003 + A1, eliminates the risk of damage to the operator when removing the sheets cut from the rear.

Las foto-células traseras permiten a los operarios retirar con seguridad las chapas que caen a la parte trasera de la guillotina hidráulica después del corte.

Este sistema de dos fotocélulas, instaladas según la norma obligatoria para cizallas UNE-EN 13985:2003+A1, elimina el riesgo de daños al operario en el momento de retirar las chapas cortadas por la parte trasera.


The electrical components that are installed in our hydraulic guillotine are of first quality, manufactured by the leading brands in the sector such as Siemens, Schneider, Telemechanique, etc. They comply with CE regulations, are long-life components and can be found in any electrical equipment store.


The large rear bumper of our shears up to 950mm long, is a mechanized piece of easy adjustment and high precision thanks to its ball screw and its belt reinforced with iron.

The rear bar can be raised (lowered) to allow cutting longer sheets than the length of the stop (950mm).

It is important for the quality of the work carried out that it has precision, that it is easy to adjust and that it is quick to position itself in the measurement.


The squaring arm of our hydraulic shears consists of an upper stop to make cuts measuring in front of the machine.

The T-slot in the arm of our shears allows to move the front stops according to the size we need to cut.

Up to 4 front arms, depending on the model, guarantee adequate support for all the plates. Very useful in thin sheets that hang over great distances.


The lateral protection bars prevent damage from crushing from the ends of the shear. If the front or rear grille is opened for safety, the machine does not cut.

The front protection grid can be raised to facilitate the positioning of the sheet we want to cut, if the grid remains open the shear does not descend to cut.


On the side of the guillotine there is a chest that houses the necessary tools to manipulate the guillotine and the instruction books.


The energy saving mode disconnects the machine when it is not being used to save you money. It is estimated that for sheet metal folding machines that work one shift the savings can be over € 500 / year.

Equipamiento opcional para guillotinas

Pneumatic sheet metal holder

The pneumatic sheet metal support is used to hold thin sheets when they buckle at the back when they are cut at a great distance (the stop can cut up to 950mm long).

Thanks to the support, the sheet will be at the height of the stop and we can use this to give the size of the cut.

Utilizamos primeras marcas

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