Hydraulic shears second-hand and used

Hydraulic shears second-hand and used

We buy, sell and restore

We restore and repair all types of shears and second hand guillotine to leave them as new.
We update the offers every week, if you do not find the one you want, call us and we will reserve the shear that best suits you.

Last shears and guillotines

Price: 12.000

NEW guillotine from € 14,700 (4mm x 2200mm)

cizalla industrial
  • Digital positioner with 40 rear stop programs
  • Adjustable rear stop, machined, adjustable and folding
  • Rear bumper with 800mm long ball screw
  • Blade separator on one side only
  • Lighting and cutting line
  • 3 front supports of 1 meter
  • Front bracket for squad plates with mechanized guide and stop
  • Front table with balls
  • Rewind of the automatic bridge
  • 4-blade lower blade for cutting stainless steel

Are you also looking for a folder?

In addition to used folding machines we also have cutting machines. If you buy a second-hand sheet metal shear and folder, we’ll give you a discount.


We restore all types of guillotine and used shears. Once in our workshop, we dismantled until the last piece to review everything. We change the parts and pieces that do not work and we put new parts. We restore, clean, polish and paint them so they are the same as the first day.


We check and check all the parts and elements. We repair those that do not work correctly and replace the damaged items with new ones. The mechanical part and the hydraulics are fundamental, but also the electrical part. That is why, most of the time, we directly remove the old circuits and put new ones.


We restore the pieces using the best techniques for the treatment of metals. In addition, all new parts are 100% European brands and comply with EU safety regulations.

What are the prices of used shears and guillotines?

There is no fixed price. It depends on many things: the functionalities, year of manufacture, type of repair, ..
We can ensure that our prices are very economical.

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