Hydraulic Metal cutting


We specialize in the manufacture of hydraulic shears and guillotines for cutting sheet metal. Our sheet metal cutting machine works for all types of thick and long.
They use hydraulic power that allows great versatility to cut any thickness of sheet.
Quality at affordable prices.

Industrial shear: Models and prices

  • MC Hydraulic Shear
  • Digital positioner with 40 programs
  • Separation of blades on one side only
  • Fixed cutting angle
  • 4/2 edges Blades
  • Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic block
  • Front supports 1m
  • Omron photochells and security grills
  • Ball table
  • Folding front grille
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  • LLC Hydraulic Guillotine
  • CNC numerical touch control
  • Separation of blades on one side only
  • Adjustable cutting angle, automatic by CNC
  • 4/4 edges Blades
  • Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic block
  • Square support 1.5m
  • Omron photochells and security grills
  • Ball table
  • Folding front grille
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¿Are you looking for used shears?

We specialize in machines for sheet metal deformation. That’s why we buy and restore sheet metal cutting machines. We make a thorough review, repair them and leave them as new. Also, we use quality components and approved by the European Union.

Ask for a budget without commitment

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CE Quality Certificate

Our machines are manufactured with European electrical components with absolute guarantee of quality and complying with European safety regulations. The EU requires specific regulations for industrial shearing. Our machines have passed quality control marked by the European Union certified by Bureau Veritas. In addition, a rigorous technical review before leaving our facilities.


Each shear or guillotine has a 1 to 3 year warranty. The warranty covers any failure or manufacturing defect. Our warranty does not cover are damages for use or misuse.

Free technical service

Includes free technical service and assistance during all warranty period and telephone SAT for life. In addition, it will be our technical team who will be responsible for the start-up of the machine.
It also includes a course for those operators who are not familiar with the sheet metal machines and the numerical control or positioner.

cizalla 6 metros automatica

Premium 6 meter Shears

The shears and guillotines of more than 6 meters are large machines designed to cut large sheets of sheet metal.

Our shears have a standard midas: 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters and 6 meters.

But we also manufacture on demand any length of sheet metal shear.

Do not you know which one is best for you?

Call us and we will help you choose according to the type of shearing that best suits your needs.
As well as selecting the most suitable accessories for your objective for sheet metal cutting.

Looking for a folder too?

For the joint purchase of a folder and shear we offer discounts and gifts.
See our offer of folding machines.

plegadoras de chapa precios baratos

We use Best brands

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