Feysama S.L. History

Feria de muestras en Barcelona 1978

Exhibition of machinery in Barcelona in 1978.

Feysama S.L, is a company with a long family tradition in the manufacture of machinery dedicated to sheet metal. Already in the 70s, Salvador Pavia, the founder of the company built mechanical machines, model Llavia Cumsa, to cut and fold sheet metal.

These designs have been updated with the latest technology maintaining the values of robustness and durability with which it has always been manufactured in our facilities. That is why you can still find machines from the 70s of the brand Llavia-Cumsa, which is currently recovered in honor of our founder, working in many Spanish and South American workshops.

Since current manufacturing costs are higher than they were 40 years ago, construction machinery has changed a lot compared to then. Mainly in the production process where the costly mechanical task of piece by piece manufacturing has been relegated and has given way to the assembly of pieces or subsets made by others, which specialize in a single product improving the quality and price of this and how it is done in the modern manufacture and assembly of vehicles or airplanes.

Plegadora con más de 25 años funcionando en las instalaciones de uno de nuestros clientes
Folding machine with more than 25 years working in the facilities of one of our clients

Cizalla mecánica 1975
Mechanical machine manufactured in one of the first workshops in 1975

That is why our machines can incorporate products from the most varied sources such as Japan, Asia, Italy, France, Germany or Spain, but always from the most reliable brands, approved for the CE and safe market such as Omron, ESAGV, Telemechanique , Schneider, Yaskawa, Bosch-Rexroth or Pizzato.

This variety of manufacturers has caused that the control of quality of the finished product has gained weight recently and does not contemplate a sale in the current market of a product homologado CE that does not go through the hardest quality controls, which demands the European Union or its official organizations such as Bureau Veritas. We are one of the few factories that have that important certificate, especially in sheet metal folding machines.

Rodillo Llavia Cumsa con más de 25 años
Roller Llavia Cumsa with more than 25 years

Rodillo de 1975
Mechanical machine manufactured in one of the first workshops in 1975

That is why all our products are strictly tested and analyzed with checklists, which contain more than 180 control points, before being delivered to our customers. Points that are improved due to the close treatment that our SAT (Technical Assistance Service) has with our clients because although the company has grown over the years in the base it is still a family business and close.

In the following images you can see the evolution from the mechanical apron folding machine to the current hydraulic models that stand out for their modern design, reliability and excellent value for money.

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