Fiber Laser Machine

Fiber Laser Machine

Our lasers combine the latest technology to obtain the best speed and accuracy for companies that need to reduce production costs and delivery times. Laser cutting of metals and steel means a breakthrough in industrial production.

Standard Equipment


With the CAD/CAM software of the company Libellula, Wizard 3, we can import multiple CAD files with dxf and dwg formats directly to the program, from another design platform, so that it can perform the automatic nesting distributing the pieces by the sheet in the most efficient way and even calculating that the amount of scrap produced is below a certain threshold and then performing the post-processing of the piece preparing the cutting program for the CNC of the machine.


The remote assistance system allows our technicians to access the CNC remotely to perform maintenance, configuration or updating tasks. All you need is an internet connection via cable or wifi. This reduces response times to any unexpected or repair.


The WSX head has a very sensitive capacitive system that avoids the contact of the nozzle with the sheet by automatically adapting the Z-axis to variations in the height of the sheet. The completely sealed internal structure can prevent soiling of the optical part, reducing its maintenance.

Two adjustment points on the head allow an automatic, motorized and precise adjustment of the focus. The protective lenses are housed in a design that allows for quick and easy replacement.


New compact module of 2Kw, that compared with the previous one, offers powers from 500w to 2Kw in a reduced size that favors the shipment for its repair if it is necessary. The manufacturer, due to its long experience, offers 2 years warranty and after sales service in Europe, USA and Canada.

Feysama Fiber Laser

Technical characteristics

Þ CNC EsaGV S660w with 19″ multitouch color touch screen and Windows operating system.

Þ Industry Service v4.0 tele-assistance included.

Þ Software Libellula CAD/CAM

Þ IPG Photonics 2Kw Laser

Þ WSX cutting head with autofocus .

Þ Reducers of the German brand Güdel.

Þ Hiwin’s skids and linear guides.

Þ Racks and pinions of the first German brand Güdel.

Þ Double servomotors for X axis, from the Italian brand EsaGV.

Þ Industrial cooling system.

Þ Fume extraction system.

Þ Refrigerated electrical cabinet.

Þ Programmable centralized greasing system.

Þ Fully enclosed machine for CE.

We distribute in the UK and throughout Europe

EBS driver for servo motor.

Hiwin skid and linear guide

Neugart Reducer


The ED brushless motors have been designed for total integration with the servomotors and the EsaGV CNC through the CANopen digital communication bus.

The fact that it is the whole of the same manufacturer guarantees the reliability, stability and precision of the system since the Italian manufacturer has a long history in the sector.


The standard degree of precision in sprockets and pulleys is classified from Din 4 to 10. In the field of cutting lasers the highest level is 5, and that is what we install in our machines as the first brands in the sector do.

Using pinions and racks of the German brand Güdel is a guarantee of durability, reliability and high performance, able to withstand accelerations of up to 1.5G.

Optional Equipment


The cutting machines with double table or exchange table are designed not to have to stop the cut during the loading/unloading process of the material to be cut. This reduces the total cutting times and consequently the production cost.

Our double table system, which can load up to 1500Kg, makes the exchange between both tables in only 10s which drastically increases the efficiency of the work and reduces the cost/piece.


For those users who need to cut small thicknesses of iron plate (up to 2mm) is not necessary to rely on the use of nitrogen. There is the option of using an air compressor that will use nitrogen from the air (78%), compressed to 15bar, for this purpose reducing production costs.

Depending on the use of the gas installations require a proportional pressure regulating valve.


On request, in our installations, an expansion of the cutting head travel and an adaptation of a rotating lathe with a 120-340 mm Ø head can be carried out with the aim of carrying out cutting work on pipes and profiles.

It is the perfect option for those customers who buy the laser for external use (work on demand) because not only can you get sheet metal work but you can also get profiling.


Lens (300h)

Nozzles (1.000h)

Ceramic Ring  (1.000h)

Why Buy a Fiber Laser?

Our lasers are adapted to the 2006/42 CE standard for European Union machines.


In the CO2 resonators this gas is needed to cool the laser that is generated, in addition this equipment to be more antiquated still require certain mechanical parts for the manufacture of the laser that have wear and maintenance. The fiber resonators are composed of fully electronic devices and do not need gas to produce the laser, this extends the life and reduces the maintenance and operating cost of these resonators.


The fiber laser due to its construction and efficiency can be up to 5 times faster in cutting speed for sheet thicknesses less than 6mm than a laser of the same power in CO2. Something essential for those companies that want to engage in cutting for the street on demand.


Fiber lasers, by producing the laser through transistors, are more efficient and make better use of the electrical energy needed to do so, doubling their efficiency compared to CO2 lasers and achieving an electro / optical efficiency of 30% which reduces the electricity bill.

The transport of the laser from the resonator to the head, which focuses on the sheet to cut, has also been improved by not relying on mirrors that require periodic maintenance and adjustment.

Fiber lasers use fiber optics (tube coated internally by millions of microcrystals) to conduct the laser to the head avoiding the costly maintenance and adjustments of CO2 lasers.


CO2 lasers require two lenses in the head to be changed and adjusted according to the thickness of the sheet to cut, and have a durability of approximately 100h, while fiber lasers have a single lens that has a longer life cycle.

What do you want to cut?

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