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Economic Folding Machines

Our MC folding machines model, has a good price and very good quality, it is a robust and reliable machine fot those companies that want a good quality and a cheep price.

Included accessories


The positioner, which allows the automatic movement of the axes of the folder, consists of a memory of 40 programs (pieces) of 25 steps (folds). It allows to work manually, step by step or automatically, that is to say that when a fold ends the positioner will move the 2 axes to perform the next folding automatically. Simple operation like a calculator, you introduce the measurement then you press the green button moves the axes to the correct size.


The turret goniometer allows the X position of the turret to be precisely adjusted and the hinged stop prevents the plate from hooking when it is raised at bending. You can also manually adjust the R (height) and Z (width) axes. The turrets of the stop move on a robust mechanized bar that can be regulated in pregnancy and provides precision, not like the aluminum bars that being weaker can be twisted or warped.



To comply with the mandatory CE12622 standard for folding sheet metal if you want to work with double speed (fast and slow) or a descent speed higher than 10mm / s, you must incorporate a photocell, more than 800mm high, in the frontal, with the aim of stopping the rapid descent of the trancha in case something crosses the protected area. Our machines incorporate as standard a 900mm high photocell, from the Italian firm Datalogic, which allows us to use the fast descent speed (80-100mm / s), considerably reducing folding times. This photocell is monitored by the Pilz safety PLC to prevent a fault in it from causing a dangerous situation, stopping the machine before this happens.

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Technical characteristics

  • Digital positioner with 40 programs
  • Double working speed, fast (80-100mm / s) and slow (10mm / s) for folding.
  • Monitorized backside stop with ball screw and machining, with folding turrets.
  • German safety PLC Pilz, PLe (former category 4), compulsory safety pedal with 3 positions.
  • Monitore safety valves of Italian brand Atos
  • Compensación de flexiones por uñetas en la trancha
  • Multi-mouth matrix with 30º slot
  • Deepth of groove 350mm
  • Front support for metal sheets by mechanical guide
  • “R” and “Z” axis manualy displaceable by mechaning
  • Apertura regulable de la trancha por pedal y automático
  • Frontside Photocells of 900mm
  • Normative CE 12622 certificated by Bureau Veritas
  • LED lighting working area
  • Pistons with internal stops. European system
  • Lifting tool to flip the matrix
  • From 14.000€

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Advantages of our folding machines


We have been manufacturing machines since 1988. We started as a family company and now we export all over the world. Our philosophy is based on offering high quality and reliability standards.

Our economic range has an excellent folding and price ratio. And, of course, an excellent quality. Our machines are verified in more than 300 points one by one before being delivered and our technicians carry out the follow-up throughout the warranty period, so we advance to possible problems and improve our product day after day


The screw of balls, fast, precise, and reliable are indispensable in any current CNC machine. The best option for an excellent job:

Speed: The rear stops move with ball screws at 65 mm / s

Reliability: They do not require almost maintenance as it does not happen with the trapezoidal screws with bronze nuts.

Precision: The screw of balls, mechanized and tempered, does that it does not have wear, maintaining the big initial precision during all his useful life

componentes electronicos plegadora chapa


The electrical components that we install are of the highest quality, manufactured by the big brands known for their demand like the Pilz  and Schneider (Germany), Telemechanique (Frence) ,Pizzato and ESAGV  (Italy)… etc. In addition, all components comply with the stringent CE regulations. So they are components with long life of duration and efficiency.


The beam is extremely strong if a vertical pressure is applied to it, but when the sheet metal folder performs a great horizontal effort (misuse) it can sag. To prevent this, or correct it if it occurs, an adjustable support is installed on the back. Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust the beam without needing to remove it and re-mechanize.


The torsion bar can be adjusted by means of wedges located at the junction to the beam.

The torsion bar is in charge of regulating the parallelism of the descent of the beam, if at any time an inappropriate manoeuvre is carried out, such as working for long periods of time on one side of the machine, it may lose the parallelism. By means of the adjustable wedges in the cranks of the trancha it is possible to return to its original position.


The energy saving mode disconnects the machine when it is not being used to save you money. Auto-off of the machine after a while without using it. It is estimated that one shift of power saving can save 500 € / year.

Normativa de seguridad CE UNE-EN Máquinas hidráulicas
CE safety regulations UNE-EN 12622: 2009 + A1: 2013

Sheet bending machines must comply with certain safety standards set by the CE due to their danger. These standards guarantee the correct working of the components of the bending machine in case of failure for at least 30 years (MTTFd) and minimize the risk of damage due to the operator’s carelessness.

The EU allows two possibilities in compliance. The first is to do a self certification. 

The second verification is that an external company audits and certifies at European level that the manufacturer complies with the standard. Feysama S.L has been certified by BureauVeritas fulfilling all the stringent requirements.

Bureau Veritas is a company approved by the EU to supervise the correct installation and adaptation of the CE standard.

Opcional Equipment


This CNC allows to draw the pieces in 2D by degrees, and to test the sequence of folding, with what we do not need to do numerous tests with sheet in the folder until finding the correct measurement to bend to the degrees that we want. At the end, the CNC will give us the development of the sheet and the calculation of the working pressure

It includes a protection so as not to damage the tools that can be drawn or selected from a library in the control. It incorporates a USB port that facilitates communication with the PC without the need of cables. It allows managing up to 4 axes. Optionally, remote diagnosis can be performed.

2D software for free technical office PC, allows the automatic calculation of the folding sequence and make lists of tasks to organize the work.

Optional telecare can be added


The quick anchoring allows to replace the punches in a fast way without the need for tools, only by manually loosening the red levers, the punch is lifted without falling, so that it can be dragged out the side.

Ideal accessory for the folding of trays and boxes in which the operator has to be changing the punch continuously as it reduces the time of the change.

Also between the staples offer greater opening for those boxes that have a large wing.


The compensation of mechanical bending (Axis V) allows to correct the deformation that the table suffers when folding is done that require a great effort, with what we can obtain a uniform folding of the center with respect to the ends.

Especially useful for stainless steel bends that, even though they are very hard, have a high elasticity and do not deform in the middle as in the ends.

This method is faster than the conventional system by wedges since you can see and adjust the measurement on a display and you do not have to adjust all the screws of the wedges one by one.

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