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Folders with CNC for sheet metal

Our high-end folding machines combine the latest technology to obtain the best speed and precision for companies that need to reduce production costs and delivery times.

Accesories for high-end

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CNC S640 2D, Optimization and 15 ” Touch Screen

The s640 CNC allows to draw the piece in 2D and once done, it will automatically calculate the development of the sheet, the best folding sequence and the calculation of both the workingpressure and the flexure compensation. Thus, we do not need to do so many tests until we get the correct part and we will have extra protection so as not to damage the tools.

In addition, this CNC allows to manage up to 6 axes of work if we want to expand the top with the axes Z1 and Z2. You can draw the punch and the matrix in the control. It incorporates a USB port thus allowing to have a library of useful and infinite programs and optionally remote access ethernet or wifi from the office.

2D software for free technical office PC, allows the automatic calculation of the folding sequence and make lists of tasks to organize the work.

Optionally, teleassistance can be incorporated via ethernet or wifi.


The compensation of hydraulic bends allows to correct the deformation that the table suffers when folding requires a great effort.
The axes Y1, Y2 and V allow to correct small differences of folding in the unequal sheets to obtain a perfect result. This results in an equal fold at both ends and the center of the sheet.

The adjustment is really simple since it is calculated directly by the CNC with the data of the sheet inserted and can be modified or adjusted by the operator at any time.


Our synchronized electronic folding machines incorporate 5 high speed axes managed by the CNC as standard, to facilitate the folding task.

The CNC will calculate the position of the axes Y1 and Y2 to obtain the desired degrees of folding in the sheet, and move the axis R vertically in order to be able to support the sheets that already have some fold made, facilitating the folding of complicated sheets.

In addition, with the CNC it allows to manage up to 6 + 1 axes of work in case we want to expand the top with the axes Z1 and Z2.

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The great advantage of a laser compared to the photo cells is that this security system allows folding at high speed and safely, small-sized sheets at a short distance from the folding area,without the folder activating the folding mode slow.

The 5 light beams of the laser system ensure safety both in the front and the back of the working area of the hydraulic press brake.

The height adjustment is easily done by loosening a crank to move it vertically and to be able to remove the punches on the side.

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Technical characteristics

  • CNC ESAGV s640 2D with 15 “screen and optimization of automatic folding.
  • Compensation of flexions managed by the CNC.
  • 5 series axes (Y1, Y2, X, R, V)
  • DSP security laser.
  • High speed “X” and “R” axis (550mm / s and 300mm / s) controlled by CNC and Z1-Z2 optional.
  • Quick anchoring of punches with “Smart clamp” button
  • Safety PLC Pilz, PLe (former category 4), safety pedal with 3 positions.
  • Monitored safety valves of the Italian brand Atos or German Rexroth
  • Multi-mouth matrix or option to adapt tools depending on the work to be done.
  • Self-centering base for the multi-board matrix.
  • Deepth of groove up to 400mm
  • Front support for sliding plates by mechanized guide
  • Regulation CE 12622 certified by Bureau Veritas
  • Front lighting LED.
  • From € 31,000

We distribute in Europe, throughout Latin America and England

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Characteristics of the High-end


Because we have been manufacturing our products since 1988, we can offer very high standards of quality and reliability in each machine.

The secret? Our hydraulic folding machines are passed through a verification process 300 points before being delivered and our technicians carry out the follow-up throughout the warranty period, this allows detecting possible problems.


The traditional method of changing the punches needs to loosen two screws from each of the supports. This system allows to change the punches in a fast and comfortable way without using tools, just by pulling a lever.

In addition, the “Smart Clamp” button allows you to incorporate and remove the punches from the bottom, not from the side of the machine.

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The ballscrews and the guide on the rear stop (X and R axis) provide speed (up to 550mm / s in X) and precision.

Currently a reliable and durable machine that does not use this type of technology with the CNC is not conceived.

The robust turrets move on two linear guides (Z1-Z2) manually.

Optionally, the Z1-Z2 axes managed by the s640 CNC can be installed, since it supports up to 6 axes. This is especially indicated for work with folding of boxes in different stations.


Auto-off of the machine after a while without using it.
You can save more than 500€/year thanks to the auto-off


The electrical components that we install are of the highest quality, manufactured by the big brands known for their demand like the Pilz  and Schneider (Germany), Telemechanique (Frence) ,Pizzato and ESAGV  (Italy)… etc. In addition, all components comply with the stringent CE regulations. So they are components with long life of duration and efficiency.


The movable supports allow to adjust the front arms to the width of the sheet and height of the matrix easily.

These can move quickly (without loosening or tightening screws) throughout the length of the machine thanks to the guides. Its height is adjustable by a crank.

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Our hydraulic blocks of the leading European brands (Atos, Rexroth) are monitored (controlled by German safety PLC Pilz) and redundant (two valves in series to prevent the fall of the trancha if one gets stuck) as required by the CE 12622 regulation for sheet metal hydraulic folding machines.

This implies that in terms of safety it is almost impossible that something dangerous happens due to the breakage of a valve or hydraulic failure.

The installation of this system is compulsory in the hydraulic folding machines, new or old, that are sold second hand, being omitted in these many times due to its high cost, and hidden under the self-certification option that the standard allows.

That is why our machines are approved by Bureau Veritas and comply strictly with the EC regulations.


The PC program allows you to design pieces on the computer comfortably and intuitively. In this way, sheet metal is not wasted making tests. After drawing the piece that we want to fold, the program will indicate the distance to which we must cut in the shear and which is the best order to make the bends. View the piece and the punch in the office computer as it will fold it.

Once the pieces are made in the PC of the office you can transfer the programs to the machine through a PENDRIVE, so you can save infinite folded pieces.

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CE safety regulations UNE-EN 12622: 2009 + A1: 2013

Hydraulic folding, due to its danger, must comply with strict safety standards that are imposed by the CE for both new machines and those sold second hand. These standards ensure the correct operation of the components of the folding machine in case of breakdown for at least 30 years (MTTFd) and minimize the risk of injury due to operator negligence.

The standard offers two possibilities to fulfill it, the first is self-certification that consists of the manufacturer certifying the work he does to comply with it, and the second is that an external company audits and verifies that the manufacturer complies with the standard.

Feysama S.L has been certified by Bureau Veritas fulfilling its rigorous requirements. A company approved by the administration in charge of supervising the correct installation and adaptation of the CE norm.

Optional equipment for high-end folding machines


The extended front supports allow a greater support surface of the sheet, facilitating the task to the operator. They also allow adjusting the front arms to the width of the sheet and the height of the matrix easily.

The front supports can move quickly (if loosen or tighten screws) throughout the length of the machine thanks to the guides. Its height is adjustable by a lateral crank.


The Z axes are interesting for those jobs in which we must use different stations (two punches of different length), especially to fold boxes or pieces chopped up by laser. The CNC automatically moves the top limit turrets through the stop bar X, to the station selected at the CNC.


CNC based on the Windows (R) platform that allows you to import parts designed in CAD programs (Solidworks, Inventor … etc), and visualize them in 3D in the control. Specially designed for folding complex pieces cut by laser.

We use top brands

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